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Cidre Exceeds Endorsements Required by Elections Commission

By on March 7, 2016

SAN JUAN – The State Election Commission (CEE) has certified that Manuel Cidre , candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, received a total of 27,115 endorsements for that position, exceeding the 26,882 endorsements required by the EEC for certification as a candidate in the upcoming elections in November 2016.

manuel cidreCidre himself made the announcement at a press conference in which he said, “the validation of the 27,115 endorsements by the commission makes my run as the first independent candidate for governor the first to exceed the number of endorsements required by the EEC and the first independent candidate for governor in the history of Puerto Rico to be certified by the EEC and been officially placed on the the ballot for the general election in November 2016,” adding that he expects to receive the EEC’s official certification in the coming days.

The founder of the Cidrines bakery chain concluded by stating that “this achievement gives us the opportunity to present our ideas and proposals to the country so people have a new option, separate from the partisanship responsible for the situation Puerto Rico now goes through. The people are ready for a transformation, and we will put all our efforts into being the transformative option that today, more than ever, the country demands,” Cidre said.

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