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Cidre surprised by Bernier’s appeal, calls it ‘act of desperation’

By on November 1, 2016

SAN JUAN – Independent gubernatorial candidate Manuel Cidre said David Bernier resorted to fear to convince voters to back him, and rejected the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate’s proposal to join his team.

“I was surprised my friend David Bernier’s message [yesterday] afternoon. I say surprised because for someone who runs under the emblem of a party erected under the ‘no fear’ slogan, the fact that he’s resorting to fear as his central message, on Halloween, looks and sounds like as a message of desperation,” Cidre said.

Manuel Cidre (CB/Juan J. Rodríguez Torres)

Manuel Cidre (CB/Juan J. Rodríguez Torres)

The independent candidate said that the traditional politics Bernier claims to repudiate has been historically nourished by the two-party system he currently represents.

“Accepting offers to any position from another gubernatorial candidate, besides contradicting what was previously expressed, would be like accepting consolation posts. I didn’t initiate this process and movement looking for a cabinet appointment in exchange for endorsement or support, or anything like that. I began this movement to fight against the partisanship that has sunk us to the point where we are,” he declared.

The businessman stressed that he has always made clear his absolute willingness to work for Puerto Rico.

“One can’t attribute bravery to those who prefer to do the same because it is more comfortable. Brave are those who dare do things differently to obtain different results. David Bernier talks about fighting corruption within his party when he still has Jaime Perelló running on the ballot, contrary to what he publicly expressed. That is precisely the problem with partisanship, that it isn’t what the candidate wants to do, but what his party’s oligarchy imposes; for example, what happened to David himself with the status issue,” the independent candidate said.

Cidre is hopeful of receiving voters’ support in the on Nov. 8.

“With the favor and backing of the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who have already expressed their support to this servant, which I thank enormously and ask to remain firm Nov. 8 with your vote for Manuel Cidre, we will begin a new era of Puerto Rican politics aside from the partisan tribes to achieve the just and democratic country we all desire,” he said.

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