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Civil Society and Gov’t Present Tools to Empower Citizens

By on August 9, 2022

New Online Platforms Address Social Issues, Provide Jobs

Puerto Rico possibly stands at one of its most historic crossroads regarding how the socioeconomic makeup of the island unfolds amid an entrenched pandemic, among many other—even global—driving factors; therefore, the island’s public, private and third sectors continue to embark on initiatives that provide residents with better services and options.

One example of such an effort, specifically to help citizens make themselves heard, is being orchestrated by the nonprofit organization Sembrando Sentido, which recently announced the launch of proAcción, a web application that seeks to increase participation in social issues.

The platform allows nonprofit organizations to promote their initiatives for free, fostering their ability to be seen by the island’s population, while offering those seeking to learn about and join initiatives on social issues a central place to do so. “The limited reach that organizations achieve through traditional networks such as Facebook and Instagram means that many people are not aware of the important work that nonprofit entities carry out, the services they offer nor of the social issues they work on. That is why we saw the need to bring together a large number of third-sector organizations on the same platform,” said Issel Masses, executive director of Sembrando Sentido.

“Likewise, proAcción allows citizens to discover and connect with organizations that do extraordinary work in the socioeconomic development of Puerto Rico. With the platform, we hope to give them exposure and make it easier for citizens to support them,” she added.

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