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CNN en Español Starts Conversation on ‘Proyecto Ser Humano’

By on July 19, 2019

Multiplatform Antidiscrimination Campaign Urges People Across Americas to Participate

Editor’s note: The following was first published in the July 18-24, 2019, issue of Caribbean Business.

After the CNN en Español news network launched its Spanish-language multiplatform antidiscrimination campaign, “Proyecto Ser Humano” (“The Humanity Project”), in April, it is now inviting more people to participate in the initiative through social media, said Juan Carlos López, political director & presenter of the “DirectoUSA” and “Choque de opiniones” (“Clash of Opinions”) programs in Washington, D.C.

CNN en Español said that as a result of the recent rise in incidents on social media related to racism and xenophobia, as well as harassment and the deterioration of civic discourse in politics and the media, CNN en Español decided to analyze the issues of discrimination and intolerance.

“Proyecto Ser Humano” highlights the stories of those who have faced discrimination and those who have struggled to achieve greater inclusion. The campaign is featured on the CNN en Español cable news program for the U.S. and Latin America,, CNN en Español Radio, and CNN en Español on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The initiative’s objective is to inform, motivate and inspire its audiences to become an agent of change against discrimination in all its forms in the United States and Latin America.

“The objective of this is that we are told the stories, for us to tell them, and to make everyone a little more sensitive, to respect others and that they respect us. This is repeated in Puerto Rico, it is repeated in Florida, it is repeated everywhere in the world; we share this beautiful language and culture. I believe ‘The Humanity Project’ is an appropriate mechanism for us all to take into account that sometimes we do not realize what we do, hear or see, and for which we can make a difference, and making us feel, saying what we think or saying something to others when it does not seem appropriate,” López said.

“For our community, which includes all of us Latin Americans, especially Puerto Rico, which is a fundamental part of our goal of delivering the message, is to raise awareness, open our eyes, think and see what is happening with these stories,” he added.

López told Caribbean Business that in the various CNN en Español programs, a report on different topics is presented. Among the issues discussed are fútbol (meaning soccer), treatment of immigrants, treatment of elderly people, as well as other stories of human interest.

“We invite the people who watch, listen on radio [and] follow social media to participate through the same networks; we have a hashtag, #proyectoserhumano, and we also have [additional] presence on the networks with specific addresses: @serhumanocnn. They can then follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and participate. What we want is to open a discussion on the island; in Mexico; in the United States; with anyone who wants and is willing to listen,” he stressed.

The plan, López said, is to continue to work constantly on the campaign for the rest of the year because they believe it is something that helps all the people who report, participate and tell their story.

“The important thing is to start a conversation and that is what we want. We don’t own the truth, nor are we telling anyone what to do or how to do it, only to talk about things that happen and see how it can impact our daily lives. How, suddenly, realizing it or not, with a single measure we take or that we change, we can improve our life and that of others. Therefore, it is an effort and a simple objective to achieve important changes,” he said.

As part of this initiative, music, TV and film producer Emilio Estefan produced the official theme, “Yo no soy diferente” (“I’m not Different”.) The song was written in collaboration with the Peruvian singer-songwriter Gian Marco, winner of three Latin Grammys, who also interprets the song.

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