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Coca-Cola Consolidates Marketing for Most well-known Drinks

By on January 19, 2016

NEW YORK – Coca-Cola, under pressure as consumers shift away from sugary drinks, is unveiling a new campaign that for the first time unites its most well-known slate of drinks under a single marketing theme.

The company announced in Paris Tuesday that the campaign, called “Taste the Feeling,” will unite Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life. The campaign focuses on the experience of drinking any Coca-Cola and that consumers can choose whatever Coca-Cola suits their taste and lifestyle.

The campaign will launch in markets around the world this year. It will include 10 television commercials and photographs that will be used for print advertisements, billboards, in stores and online.

Shares of Coca-Cola Co. are down 2.4 percent over the year. PepsiCo is down 3.5 percent.

By The Associated Press

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