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Codetrotters, Rock Solid Technologies form strategic alliance to train tech talent

By on April 15, 2019

Rock Solid Technologies Vice President Ángel L. Pérez and Codetrotters Academy CEO Sofia Stolberg (Courtesy)

Coding academy and tech firm create scholarship program

SAN JUAN – Codetrotters Academy, the first coding bootcamp in the Caribbean, and Rock Solid Technologies, a software development company, have formed a strategic alliance to award scholarships for programming courses to high-potential students.

College students with basic programming knowledge may apply online until May 10 for the computer language course, which runs from June 3 to Aug. 14.

As part of the application process, students will be interviewed at Rock Solid. If selected, they may enroll in Codetrotters’ 10-week Web Application Development course, after which they will have the opportunity to work at the software  development firm.

According to the most recent study by Endeavor Puerto Rico, published in November, the biggest challenge facing the island’s technology sector is a lack of tech talent.

“This type of strategic alliance is what the startup and technology ecosystem in Puerto Rico needs to close the tech talent gap in the industry. On the one hand, we feed our talent pipeline by training more students, and, on the other, the selected candidates have the opportunity to work for one of the leading technology companies on the Island,” Sofia Stolberg, CEO of Piloto 151 and Codetrotters, said in the announcing release.

Ángel L. Pérez, vice president of Rock Solid added: “Rock Solid has been granting scholarships to high-potential students in Puerto Rico since 2002. We have invested nearly $500,000 in scholarships for local talent and this new partnership will allow us to expand our reach to a different pool of students that might not have formally studied computer science in college, but that became passionate about the field later on.”

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