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Colorado-based Cannabis Companies to Meet with Puerto Rico Public Officials

By on January 18, 2016

SAN JUAN – Various medical marijuana companies based in Colorado—among them CW Botanicals, Agro Soft and Stanley Brothers—will visit Puerto Rico later this week to talk with local public officials about implementing a medical cannabis industry on the island, the local Health Department has confirmed.

The upcoming visit should allow officials from the Puerto Rico Health and Agriculture departments to learn more about the successful implementation of business models with regards to medical cannabis, said John Reyes, vice president of Academic Sciences of Puerto Rico (ASPR), a locally based medical cannabis firm.

“Here in Puerto Rico we have the talent and professionalism necessary not only to establish this kind of industry on the island, but also to become an example for other jurisdictions in the U.S.,” Reyes added. “We know that the current government administration has been very prudent with this topic and this visit represents one more step in the right direction.”

The Puerto Rico Health Department invited the companies after a delegation from the agency visited Denver, Col., to learn firsthand about how the medical cannabis market behaves in the region.

CW Botanicals, a Stanley Brothers Co., markets various hemp and cannabis-based products under the Charlotte’s Web brand, including oils and gels. The product line takes its name from a girl whose epileptic seizures stopped after she took cannabis-based oil.

The Stanley brothers, Jesse and Joel, began growing medical marijuana in Colorado as soon as it was made legal in 2008, and now own several greenhouses, dispensaries and labs throughout the state. They also started Realm for Caring, a nonprofit dedicated to educate the public about cannabis-based treatments.

ASPR is also preparing a series of educational talks that seek to clarify misconceptions about medical cannabis, Reyes noted.  The talks, which are scheduled to last an hour and will incorporate various experts on the topic, will be made available free of charge to universities, special interest groups and nonprofits.

By Dennis Costa

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