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Election Comptroller’s Office provides access to campaign financing data

By on October 25, 2016

SAN JUAN — Electoral Comptroller Manuel Torres Nieves announced Tuesday greater public access to information regarding political campaign financing through the Electoral Comptroller’s Office (ECO).

“People can access information from any portable device without visiting our office. What started with digitization and electronic filing of reports now allows us to strengthen transparency in campaigns’ financing,” assured Torres Nieves.

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Electoral Comptroller Office logo / FileThe portal will provide five simple sections that will take the user directly to their search’s need.

Users will be able to choose between options to have access to organized candidate sections that simplify information regarding campaign donors and their donations by candidates, parties or committees.

In addition, there will be a list of filed reports with incomes and expenses, granted extensions, imposed penalty fees, registered committees, and the use and balance of public funds for political parties.

The information may be managed to create graphs and explore data via internet portals and social media.

By having access to a donor’s name, date of the donation, method, event and city, people will inspect if their donation was registered adequately.

“We encourage donors to perform the search exercise and, if irregularities are found, communicate immediately to our staff office at 787-332-2050,” the comptroller stressed.

In the political parties section, the user will have access to how much they received and spent, among other data related to the fulfillment. Selecting a particular party will display a map of donation quantities by postal code. Likewise, a section of the gubernatorial candidates will show received donations and quantity of donations per area, and clicking displays the donor’s name.

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In addition, they will have a step-by-step guide to follow to register their campaign committee, as well as live help.

Puerto Rico Statistics Institute Executive Director Mario Marazzi Santiago commented that “some statistics are presented on databases that are so complex, that presenting them properly to the public requires an open data platform such as the one managed by the Statistics Institute.”

“To us, it is a matter of pride to strengthen collaboration with the Electoral Comptroller’s Office in an initiative that also helps us advance our mission of facilitating access and promoting our government’s transparency, on a very sensitive and fundamental topic in our democracy, as is political campaign financing,” Marazzi Santiago added.

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