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United Retailers: Prepa Reform makes Renewable Energy Use Harder to Adopt

By on January 11, 2016

SAN JUAN – The president of the United Retailers Association (CUD by its Spanish initials), Rubén Dávila Piñero, said the adoption of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Revitalization Act would make it more difficult for small and midsize businesses (Pymes by its Spanish acronym) to adopt the use of renewable energy because it will no longer be cost-effective.

“In the case of small and midsize businesses, we see solar panels as an alternative to lower costs. But in the way [the Prepa Revitalization Act] is to be implemented, it will not be cost-effective,” Dávila Piñero said.

He made the statement at a press conference held Sunday by several consumer, business, industry and labor representatives who denounced that the Legislature’s approval of the measure would aggravate Puerto Rico’s critical economic situation.

“If left as is [the bill], there are already many who had begun [solar panel] projects but have put them on hold to see what happens, because it will no longer be cost-effective to install panels when the excess energy generated won’t be paid,” Dávila Piñero said.

“That is what moving to renewable energy hinged on, because it would be cheaper,” the CUD president added.

The chairman of the Economic Competitiveness and Sustainability Institute, Josean Rossi, said the Prepa Revitalization “is a complicated law; it has many good things in its restructuring but gets into renewable energy in a disastrous way.”

He further indicated that the renewable energy provisions of the measure will not only affect Pymes, but also more than 200 companies that install solar panels on homes, representing more than 2,000 jobs in that industry.

Bishop Felipe Lozada, coordinator of Energy Dialog Roundtable, said he believed “firmly in renewable energy. If elsewhere in the United States a 50 or 60 percent target has been reached, why do we have obstacles to reach that goal?” he asked.

By Inter News Service

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