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Contractors to submit names for Promesa’s Revitalization Coordinator job

By on October 20, 2016

SAN JUAN—Associated General Contractors (AGC), Puerto Rico Chapter President Neyssa Varela said Thursday the organization will submit a list possible candidates for the job Revitalization Coordinator, a position created by the federal statute Promesa to deal with vital infrastructure projects.

Associated General Contractors (AGC), Puerto Rico Chapter President Neyssa Varela. (CB)

The AGC-Puerto Rico chapter last month submitted to the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth a list of some 200 projects of vital infrastructure for the revitalization of Puerto Rico. She stressed the need to renew infrastructure relying on local companies.

Recently, the fiscal board said the executive director will be appointed in January. Meanwhile, she said board members are thinking about possible candidates for the job of Revitalization Coordinator under Title V of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act or Promesa. Puerto Rico’s governor will select the “Revitalization Coordinator” from a list of at least three names provided by the oversight board.

“This is a very important job for the industry,” she said during an AGC-Puerto Rico monthly meeting. “We are going to submit candidates as an association. We invite you to make suggestions.”

The candidate must have a substantial knowledge and expertise in the planning, predevelopment, financing, development, operations, or market participation of infrastructure projects (with a special emphasis on energy projects), and no recent connections to the Puerto Rican government. The Revitalization Coordinator will be paid at a rate determined by board. Upon termination of the board, the position of Revitalization Coordinator will also terminate.

Varela also urged members to send the AGC-Puerto Rico information on projects that have not been paid by the government to contractors so the organization can submit the list to the Oversight Board in a meeting that the group requested with the panel.

On the other hand, members of the Task Force have already received over 600 proposals for economic growth. Varela said that based on what she has been told the Task Force will dismiss around 85% of the economic proposals and will deal with the most important ones. The Task Force is slated to submit a report in December.


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