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Convicted Guayanilla Mayor Resigns, Seat for New Legislator Opens

By on January 13, 2016

SAN JUAN – Popular Democratic Party Rep. Néstor Torres Yordán could become the new mayor of the municipality of Guayanilla after convicted Mayor Edgardo Arlequín resigned Tuesday night.
Arlequín was convicted for sexual harassment and for using the power of his office to obtain illegal benefits. He is currently serving a four-and-a-half year prison sentence.
PDP Press Secretary Angel Raúl Matos said Wednesday that “the resignation will be final and firm when the Municipal Legislature accepts it.”
Arlequín was pressured by the PDP into submitting his resignation to make way for political reorganization and campaigning in Guayanilla.
The PDP president in Guayanilla, Rep. Torres Yordán, could be selected as the town’s new mayor after the acting mayor, Pablo González, was not certified by the party for the mayor’s office, which does away with the possibility of a primary process between González and Yordán.
Matos explained that Gonzalez’s disqualification was decided Tuesday night by the Candidate Qualification Commission. While González has the option of appealing the decision before the commission, Tuesday night’s decision opens the way for Torres Yordán to occupy the mayor’s office this week, after the local PDP committee certifies him as mayor.
The PDP had provided Arlequín additional time to resign voluntarily as mayor and avoid being expelled from the party, which would have eliminated any chance of his seeking elective office under the PDP banner in the future.

By Ismael Torres

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