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CooPACA Reopens its Barceloneta Facility as a Green Branch

By on September 27, 2016

SAN JUAN — The Savings and Loan Cooperative of Arecibo (CooPACA by its Spanish acronym) announced the reopening of its branch in Cruce Dávila in the municipality of Barceloneta, after a $1 million investment. The location is now the institution’s first “green” branch.

“As part of our unbreakable commitment with our clients and the protection of our environment, CooPACA has installed an advanced solar panel system that will reduce its emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) by nearly 120,000 pounds a year,” CooPACA Executive President William Méndez Pagán said.

The annual CO2 reduction in emissions equals 125 barrels of oil; 2,125 propane gas tanks for home use; 17.2 tons of waste to be burned at a landfill or 6,098 gallons of gasoline.

The 195 solar panel system is expected to generate 77,107 kilowatt-hours a year, enough power to cover 95% of the branch’s consumption.

coopacaThe branch spans a total of 3,520 square feet and has the necessary infrastructure for all customers to access the cooperatives’ range of services including opening new accounts and applying for personal, auto & commercial loans, mortgages as well as any other product or service offered by the institution.

This is not the first step taken by CooPACA as part of its strategy to promote the protection of the environment and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Last year, CooPACA signed an agreement with solar panel seller and installer Solaora. The alliance offers clients a new type of financing aimed exclusively at those who want to acquire photovoltaic systems for residential or commercial energy generation.

CooPACA offers a variety of financing alternatives, comparable to those offered by private banks, including auto & commercial loans and mortgages, among others.

Established in Arecibo in 1946, CooPACA has a 13-branch network to serve its clients in Barceloneta, Arecibo, Cataño, Carolina, Levittown, Trujillo Alto, Ponce and San Lorenzo.

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