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Court Removes Tourism Campaign Slogan ‘La Isla Estrella’

By on April 8, 2016

SAN JUAN- The Court of First Instance delivered its judgment in a case in which the use of the slogan “La Isla Estrella” (“Star Island”) was being challenged, ruling against its use.

New Progressive Party Electoral Commissioner Jorge Dávila said the party prevailed in the case, saying the ruling confirmed the theme’s use advanced partisan political agendas with the use of public funds, “which is against the law.”

“It was confirmed there was intransigence by the executive director of the Tourism Co. and clearly manifest bias by the president of the State Elections Commission, Liza García, who, knowing our allegations were right, decided the ‘La Isla Estrella’ slogan could continue to be used,” Dávila said.

puerto-rico-la-isla-estrellaTo clarify such remarks, the director of Tourism Co.’s Legal Counsel Office, attorney Tatiana Alejandro Souffront, stated, “These statements do not reflect the reality of what happened. There was no determination on the merits by Hon. Judge Ángel Pagán Ocasio regarding political-party content alleged by the appellant in this case, instead the parties reached an agreement on the alleged controversy.”

Commissioner Dávila said, “There was never an attempt to stop any tourism campaign outside or inside the island. Basically our claim is the ‘La Isla Estrella’ motto could not be used because it was adopted by the Popular Democratic Party.

“In fact, the Hotel and Tourism Association agreed the campaign could continue without the slogan. The executive director of the Tourism Co. capriciously refused to remove it.”

Attorney Alejandro Souffront countered that Tourism has never used its campaign for partisan political purposes. “The decision to sign an agreement had more to do with judicial procedure than anything else. In short, what the agreement between the parties provides is that the campaign and its use of ‘Puerto Rico, La Isla Estrella’ will continue as such in all international markets and the U.S. [mainland], except that in local, Puerto Rico, promotions, the ‘La Isla Estrella’ will be eliminated,” she concluded.

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