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DACO Complies with Statistics Institute’s Order to Publish Gasoline Wholesalers’ Prevailing Prices

By on January 29, 2016

SAN JUAN – Mario Marazzi Santiago, executive director of the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute, confirmed Friday that the Puerto Rico Consumer Affairs Department (DACO by its Spanish acronym) reinitiated the daily disclosure of gasoline wholesalers’ daily prevailing prices on its website, as previously requested.

 With the move, DACO complies with the resolution the Institute’s board of directors recently approved requesting such action.

 “For the Institute, it was crucial for DACO to reinitiate the daily disclosure of gasoline wholesalers’ prevailing prices, to ensure transparency and the updating of gasoline wholesalers’ statistics contained in the Statistics Inventory of Puerto Rico, for all the energy sectors and local citizens,” Marazzi Santiago said.

 For several years now, DACO has compiled the retail prices of gasoline sales, as reported by each gasoline wholesaler, in compliance with Price Regulation 45.

 Since then, DACO has been releasing this information on a daily basis, through a statistical report called “Prevailing Prices of Gasoline Wholesalers.”

 However, on July 10, 2015, DACO made the determination to no longer release the statistical report.

 “We congratulate DACO Secretary [Nery Adames] for recognizing the importance of complying with the law and defending the interest of consumers. The nondisclosure of the prevailing prices of gasoline wholesalers allowed wholesalers to sell their gasoline to various retailers at different prices, which goes against the best interest of consumers,” Marazzi Santiago indicated.

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