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DACO to enable online complaint system

By on January 24, 2017

SAN JUAN — Consumer Affairs (DACO) Secretary-designate Michael Pierluisi said Tuesday that one of his plans is to implement a complaint system in the agency’s website.

Its purpose is to facilitate the process for consumers, whose current options are to present complaints over the phone, in DACO’s office or via traditional mail.

DACO Secretary-designate Michael Pierluisi

DACO Secretary-designate Michael Pierluisi

“Proposals will be reviewed and presented to see how much it would cost to do the modification in the system as it is right now to provide this tool to consumers,” Pierluisi told Caribbean Business after concluding a public hearing about two bills that look for additional modifications to the agency’s website.

The DACO official said that although complaints could be filed online in the past, the past administration stopped the process. He aims not only to enable the process to be carried out online, but for consumers to check the status of their complaint and if it was dealt with in favor or against the business.

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