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Delpaís Strengthens Supply of Fresh Products

By on September 7, 2016

Agricultures_con_sus_productos_junto_a_la_Secretaria_del_Dpto_de_Agricultura_496282997SAN JUAN – Five agro-entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico will strengthen their offers for Delpaís products in the the island’s northern region upon arranging an agreement with the area’s primary supermarket chain, Kash N’ Karry in Hatillo, according to Myrna Comas Pagán, secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture (PRDA).

Comas Pagán explained that the grocery chain that supplies that region will count on products from the Hacienda Gosén, Doña Tere, Granja Avícola Pujols, Ganaderos Alvarado and Ganaderos Borges farms. The agreement represents an economic impact of $4.4 million from the supermarket chain in favor of local agriculture.

“Thanks to the alliance with these farmers, Puerto Rican families in the north region will have major access to our Delpaís brand. The freshness of our products translates into health for thousands of families in the north area [of the island], who can bring the best quality products to their tables, harvested and produced by Puerto Rican hands,” the secretary said.

The head of the PRDA explained that the negotiation emerges from the efforts of her agency and the Fund for Innovative Agricultural Development in order to facilitate the negotiations and the marketing of local products so they can reach supermarket shelves and be easily obtained by consumers.

The alliance will bring a great variety of food to the chain, among them, Hacienda Gosén will offer vacuum-packaged breadfruit and plantain “tostones”; vegetarian caviar; pumpkin canapé, also known as “barriguitas de vieja” or “tortitas de calabaza”; and plantain soup. Meanwhile, Doña Tere will offer fresh sofrito, a sauce made of minced vegetables; Ganaderos Alvarado will provide a wide variety of meats; Ganaderos Borges will supply hamburgers; and Granja Avícola Pujols will supply eggs.

“It is strategic to present their [farmers] products endorsed by the Delpaís brand since it represents an increase on product demand of nearly 30%, which translates to two new jobs,” noted José García, president of Hacienda Gosén.

Likewise, for Isidoro “Chiro” Rosa, president and founder of the leading family-owned company in the northern region, it is a privilege to receive farmers in their sales channels. “We have supported the agricultural industry within our 38-year presence [in Puerto Rico] and will continue with that commitment because, like our farmers, we are a Puerto Rican business that serves Puerto Ricans,” he said.

“We are extremely happy with this new initiative from Kash N’ Karry that supports Delpaís products and our line of fresh meat that will be available in their four grocery stores. Every product distributed weekly is processed within 48 hours, so the consumer can obtain an extremely fresh product of the best quality,” said Gabriela Alvarado Sanz, marketing manager for Ganaderos Alvarado Inc.

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