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Díaz Urbina demands that Municipality of San Juan release expenses on fiscal board protests

By on September 13, 2016

NPP mayoral candidate for San Juan Leo Díaz

NPP mayoral candidate for San Juan Leo Díaz

SAN JUAN – The candidate for mayor of San Juan from the New Progressive Party (NPP) Leonides “Leo” Díaz Urbina sent a letter to the capital’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, requesting she make public a breakdown of municipal funds used to support demonstrations against the federal oversight board in San Juan and throughout the island.

“As I said last week, we sent a letter to the mayor find out in detail how much money was spent. The people have to know how much money we are talking about and in what it was used with the intention of promoting protest groups,” said Díaz Urbina.

Complaints were raised last week regarding public funds that the municipal government of San Juan had spent on the protests that have been carried out in San Juan, after the mayor herself confirmed that in an event at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, the total amount of municipal funds used reached about $20,000.

“We have to be responsible with the public money we use and in what we invest it. The fiscal situation in Puerto Rico demands from us greater care and looking out for its proper use. The comptroller already raised a flag and we demand that the people know the total amount of the funds, where they came from and how much money is available,” he said.

The letter’s requests inlcude a breakdown of the municipal funds invested in the event known as the People’s Assembly, detailing municipal property, services and resources used at the event such as the coliseum, promotional material, vehicles, employees, and public order and emergency management officials.

It also requests information on food and beverages, equipment and a breakdown of municipal spending in any other event related to the protests against the fiscal board throughout the island.

Furthermore, its demands a breakdown of municipal equipment, services and human resources that have been used for this purpose including use of the municipality of San Juan’s printing press, and any other material, service or facility, as well as details of the budget allocation used to fund those events and the balance of that budget.

Díaz Urbina demanded that the information be provided within seven days. If not, he said he would be forced to “go to court” to get it. “It is time to begin to be consistent and promote transparency in processes,” he added.

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