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Dominican Government Will Hire Foreign Professors

By on July 7, 2016

Santo Domingo –  The Dominican government announced that they will hire foreign professors to teach in the national universities and schools through an initial formation program that begins next August with the hopes of elevating the teaching quality. 

With these intentions more than 350 professor’s curriculums from the United States, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina among others have been evaluated. 

According to the Minister of Education (MINERD), the program will commence with 40 teachers who will be incorporated to work with Dominican pairs. 

The authorities maintain their venture to the transformation of the education system with new schools, the incorporation of more schools that follow the model of “Tanda Extendida”, and with a new educational curriculum, which includes the Grade Register, and rejects the teachers. 

Currently they are concentrated in the exclusive preparation in the areas of knowledge and from there they will hire the foreign professors that the country needs in order to cover the deficit of Dominican teachers. 

The teachers will be hired exclusively through Minerd so they can instruct the students on Education. 

Luis Matos, Vice Minister of “Servicios Técnicos y Pedagógicos del Minerd”, said that the first to benefit would be the state university, “Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo” (UASD and “Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña” (ISFODOSU). 

Matos explained that this is an extremely costly plan, but of high quality, and will work in few universities due to the high standards and requirements that have been set for those who choose to study Education. 

The program is also designed to to captivate the best undergraduates to study Education and excellent university educators to impart the finest teaching, said the official, as he added that as of January 2017, three more universities would enter and later on they would give the opportunities to the others as they continue to organize themselves. 

He confirmed that the decision parts from competitive examinations of teachers that have demonstrated how the academic level of the applicants and the university professors that form it is significantly lower. It is based on 20 thousand education graduates that applied where only 4 thousand approved. 

“Last year we opened the competition to professional in other careers and from 29 thousand education graduates that participated, the result was the same, only 20% and 25% were approved”, stated Matos.

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