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Drinking Straws a Thing of the Past at Casa Bacardí

By on April 4, 2016

SAN JUAN – As part of a global initiative for a sustainable future, Casa Bacardí has stopped using plastic drinking straws at its facility, the company announced Monday.

Casa Bacardí joined efforts with Bacardí through the rum maker’s “Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future” program—created as part of World Water Day to support environmental conservation efforts through the reduction of waste in the world’s oceans. Water being one of the world’s most important resources, the commitment seeks to reduce the environmental impact of plastic straws in the oceans.

“At Casa Bacardí, we join the global brand’s commitment, as we recognize the importance of playing an active role in environmental conservation. Bearing in mind the large quantity of plastic straws that are used daily at our facilities, we decided to suspend their use to prevent these from ending up affecting our planet,” said Juan Cartagena, brand master and bar manager at Casa Bacardí’s visitor center.

casa bacardi

Casa Bacardí

The strategy’s implementation at Casa Bacardí goes well beyond discontinuing the use of plastic straws in the more than 30,000 drinks served monthly at the property. The facility will also discontinue the use of bottled water during rum tastings. In its place, purified water will be served in cups during the tasting sessions.

Furthermore, the initiative will provide visitors with a more enjoyable experience when tasting Bacardí rum, as the lack of a plastic straw allows for a more complete tasting experience involving taste and smell.   

Bacardí’s initiative has begun to impact different parts of the world where the brand has a presence, such as at corporate events. This new commitment adds to other efforts Bacardí has developed throughout the years in support of environmental conservation and its resources, the company said.   

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