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DTOP Announces Start of 60% Discount on Traffic Fines

By on July 19, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Department of Transportation & Public Works announced Tuesday that the amnesty period to pay traffic fines with a 60 percent discount will starts Aug. 19 and runs through Nov. 19. The amnesty covers both traffic and Autoexpreso fines.

DTOP Secretary Miguel Torres Díaz said Act 41 of 2016 authorizes the secretaries of both the Treasury and the Transportation departments to develop regulations governing the process for establishing an amnesty for traffic violations.

highway“We submitted to the Department of State the regulations for the accelerated payment of fines, drafted by the Treasury Department and the DTOP, and which will be enforced Aug. 19. To obtain the benefit, the citizen must present a report on the fines and pay them in full,” Torres Díaz explained.

The amnesty will allow drivers to obtain a discount in the payment of traffic fines that will include interest and late fees. The report of the fines must not exceed 30 days. Payments can be made at Treasury collection offices, banks or any entity authorized by the Treasury Department.

Fines may also be paid online through Treasury or DTOP’s website and at the island’s 15 Drivers Service Center, or Cescos. Drivers wishing to pay Autoexpreso fines can only do so at the Metro Office Park offices in Guaynabo and the Southern Tower of the Minillas government building.

Payments can be made in cash, or with a debit or credit card, cashier’s check or certified check issued to the Treasury secretary.

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