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DTOP Asked to Stop “Illegal Construction” in Guaynabo

By on October 24, 2016

GUAYNABO (INS)—The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in Guaynabo and the municipality’s mayoral candidate, Ricardo “Richie” Vicéns Salgado, called on the secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), Miguel Torres, to “implement the necessary legal provisions to stop an illegal construction project in Guaynabo’s PR-199 Highway.”

“DTOP previously denied permission to Mayor Hector O’Neill for the construction of another ‘mega roundabout’ in PR-199, opposite the Jardines Reales urbanization and Wendy’s, Krispy Kreme and other shops. Nevertheless, O’Neill ordered to continue the illegal project in an accelerated manner, [with workers at the site] day and night, to go above the state’s authority,” said the PDP candidate.

He added, “it is shameful that even after residents of Jardines Reales have complained before the cameras of a local newscast, the mayor has continued with his arrogant and illegal attitude,” said Salgado Vicéns.

“This is what happens when people feel omnipotent and forget that they serve the people. The mayor’s only interest is to benefit contractors who destroyed another roundabout close to the Murano [c nearby condo] to begin this monstrosity that limits the free movement of vehicles, “said the PDP politician.

He explained that the project has made only one lane available instead of the two it had previously, due to “the disproportionate size of the project. There was no traffic before in this area, but now Héctor O’Neill has created a permanent one.”

Vicéns explained that, according to residents living near the roundabout, one of the lanes goes into urbanization property, which hinders the normal entry and exit of vehicles.

He added: “Those thousands of dollars could instead have provided better access to poor communities in the municipality. Budgets should be participatory, with everyone knowing where the public funds will be invested in.”

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