Thursday, December 8, 2022

Economic Crisis in Puerto Rico Prompts Dominicans to Return Home

By on January 7, 2016

The economic crisis and unemployment in countries and jurisdictions such as Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and other regions in Europe and South America, has motivated thousands of Dominican immigrants living abroad, either legally or illegally, to return to their homeland.

The influx back to the Dominican Republic has been especially apparent in the Las Américas International Airport, the country’s main air terminal. According to local media outlets, 7,345 Dominicans returned voluntarily to their home country, mostly from Spain, France, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

About 78% of returnees had their travel documents, state officials added, while 22% were illegal immigrants who returned with letters granted by each country’s respective Dominican consulate.

Many of these Dominicans, according to statements given to customs authorities at Las Américas airport, had to carry out different types of jobs in their adopted countries, including selling products on the street, to generate any income.

Others, particularly in the case of Spain and Puerto Rico, owned small businesses that disappeared as a result of the economic crisis affecting both countries, where hundreds of thousands of Dominicans live.

In Venezuela’s case, the upheavals the nation is currently going through have similarly prompted the exit of Dominican natives from the country.

By Inter News Service

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