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Economic Development Secretary issues call for blockchain developer program participants

By on October 17, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Economic Development Secretary Manuel Laboy, who also chairs the Blockchain Advisory Council, announced Wednesday a course for programmers, entitled ConsenSys Academy Blockchain Developer Program, which will be carried out with the collaboration of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

ConsenSys focuses on growing the Ethereum-based blockchain ecosystem. Participants with at least one year of programming experience and familiar with general web development, JavaScript, HTML and Git are sought.

“The program is an end-to-end course using the decentralized platform Ethereum, designed to provide experienced developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Ethereum developers. This online course will cover foundational Ethereum concepts, introducing key tools, security best practices and other aspects of smart contract and decentralized application [dApp] development including building a front end,” Laboy said in a release.

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The official, who is the executive director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. as well, said the program begins Oct. 29 and lasts 11 weeks. Participants who pass the program “could have the opportunity to be hired by ConsenSys” or another software firm “with a very competitive annual starting salary. This is an elite program and a unique opportunity for local software developers.”

As of this writing, there were 18 spots available for local students this year. ConsenSys donated six scholarships for students to participate in the program at no cost. The other 12 eligible candidates will receive a discount of 20 percent of the regular course price, which is $1,000.

Program participants will receive support from experts during the about 10-15 hours a week it takes to complete it.

In a collaboration with the Blockchain Advisory Council, the Trust will evaluate the work presented by the local candidates and choose who will receive the scholarships, as well as the other 12 candidates.

“This is evidence that the BAC, created by the DDEC [Spanish acronym for Economic Development & Commerce Department] is already fulfilling its duty and opening new opportunities to locals,” Laboy said. “The objective is to maximize the use of this technology in a way that contributes to the recovery of Puerto Rico. We encourage local programmers to take advantage of this great opportunity.”

The deadline to register is Oct. 17 and the winners will be announced Oct. 24. For more information and to register for the program, visit:

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