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Education Reiterates Commitment to Special Education Children

By on July 6, 2016

San Juan (INS) – Undersecretary of Education Carlos Rodríguez Beltrán reiterated the Education Department’s commitment to provide for the rights of children with special needs and their parents, who could file suits for damages for the lack of services to their children.

The measure comes after the State accepted to allowed a new phase in the class action suite presented by Rose Lydia Vèlez.

According to Beltrán Rodríguez, both the agency’s legal team as well as the lawyers representing the class, have already reached an agreement so that lawyers, parents, tutors and custodians would be allowed to file their tort claims from Aug. 25 up until Oct. 31. Claims may include the damages the class feels the agency inflicted them by not providing the necessary educational services and any other services.

“This new step constitutes a reaffirmation of what has always been our position regarding this class action suite. Since the beginning we have tried the strategirds that would allow us to move forward and get closer to a final solution to the decades’ old claim of the parents and relatives of our children with special needs”, said.

“Far from sheltering ourselves in long litigation strategies in an effort to prevail in this case, we have opted to become facilitators and search for a way to solve the situation by doing social justice to this population.

In this new phase the court will publish four legal notices in each of the main newspapers on the island and public service announcements on the radio between Aug. 14 and Sept. 30th with all the steps that need to be taken by all the potential claimants.

Meanwhile, the Education Department will publish the legal notice in the bulletin boards of all the public schools.

Also, the Department will facilitate to all those who request it, a copy of their file containing the history of the services offered and received.

Beltrán Rodríguez characterized the new development in the case as “a great step forward” and reiterated his fellow undersecretary in charge of special education commitment on performing her duties and responsibilities.


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