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Eliezer Molina announces independent gubernatorial run in Puerto Rico

By on July 9, 2019


Says he won’t accept pay, will promote food production and elected judges

SAN JUAN — Eliezer Molina, the spokesman of Movimiento de Conciencia (Conscience Movement), confirmed Tuesday that he will run as an independent candidate for governor and gave some details about his campaign agenda, called “El Antídoto” (The Antidote).

“We proposed an economic model whereby local production will be promoted. We are going to create competitiveness with our local product so it will compete on the shelves against imported products and start to rescue our national industry to increase our gross national product,” Molina said in a WKAQ radio interview.

“We are going to do this without campaign funds or anything, I will not take a salary for my services either. Most of the people who will be working with me will not bill for their services either. We are going to significantly reduce the number of employees and people who will join us,” added Molina, who is from the municipality of San Sebastián and has a farm in the town of Maricao.

He will not be accepting donations either, he said. Among his other proposals is that judges be elected by the people, after which “there is going to be a transition process and all the judges will be dismissed,” he said. “You cannot have a judge who works with society’s [interest in mind] when a politician named them for 12 years. Either you are a politician or a judge, but not both because there will be no impunity,” he said.

The gubernatorial hopeful also said he has held meetings with transportation providers and would develop a business plan shortly to compete with ride-hailing giant Uber. In addition, he will be urging the Public Service Commission to reduce fares.

“We have identified all the agricultural areas that we have to develop food. Live products such as chicken, pork [and] livestock need food, and energy expenses raise the cost of that product. We identified these areas to be developed, to produce food and to supply national entrepreneurs to reduce food costs,” Molina said.

He also proposed that tax incentives for large businesses be handled gradually, in a five-year period.

“Sadly, we are a fiscal paradise that is destined to consume imported products, and that is why we are a territory of the United States,” he said, while stressing that corruption must be stopped.

Another proposal he espoused was giving the Puerto Rican diaspora tax breaks to buy local products and the money be deposited in island co-ops.

In the interview, Molina also alleged that the government ordered closing access to the venue where he released his work plan Monday night.

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