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PREC Proposes Regulations on Electric Bill, Service Suspension

By on February 27, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Energy Commission (PREC) announced Saturday that it has issued a regulations’ proposal addressing the procedures for reviewing bills and the suspension of service for nonpaying customers of the Electric Power Authority (Prepa) and other companies offering electric service.

The proposed regulations would require Prepa to give customers a 10-day notice before suspending the service, which would also not be shut off before weekends and holidays.

PREC President Agustín Carbó said the proposal was made in accordance with Article 6.27 of the Prepa Revitalization Act, which empowers the commission to adopt the applicable standards, practices and procedures of the regulation and to propose new rates by April 22.

“This article also provides PREC with a number of minimum procedural safeguards intended to protect the interests and rights of consumers before electric utilities,” he said in reference to Act 57 of 2014, as amended by Act 4 of 2016.

Carbó added that the law promotes procedures for the review and objection of electric bills that are “accessible, clear and fair, protecting the public interest and discouraging abusive, dishonest or unfair practices.”

Among the regulation’s several purposes, Carbó added, are establishing rules governing the procedures that power utilities make available to their customers to address and resolve disputes, general rules for the suspension of electric service for nonpayment, limiting the PREC’s ability to report clients to credit bureaus and the procedures for objecting bills.

PREC will hold a public hearing April 1 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Telecommunications Regulatory Board at 500 Roberto H. Todd St. in the Santurce sector of San Juan.

The proposed regulations are available in PREC’s website

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