Friday, June 25, 2021

Espacios Abiertos launches site with info on political candidates

By on August 7, 2020 covers all 666 people running for the 158 elective positions

SAN JUAN – Faced with the challenge posed by the pandemic in the upcoming elections, combined with the “historical absence of information” and voters unaware of who is running for elected office, Espacios Abiertos (Open Spaces) launched, 2020 Elections edition, the nonprofit’s executive director, Cecille Blondet Passalacqua, announced Wednesday.

The transparency group explained in a press release that there are nearly 700 candidates running for 158 seats in the upcoming primaries and general elections, including for governor, resident commissioner, mayor, senator for a district, senators at large, representative for a district and representative at large, not including the 888 seats at the 78 municipal legislatures, which vary in size from four to 14 lawmakers. The number of hopefuls is nearly four times the available seats.

The executive director of the government watchdog explained that geolocation technology allows users to enter their address or zip code, to identify, according to their place of residence, the district where they vote.

“Then, from their mobile phone, tablet or computer, the user will have in one place information about all the candidates, who will appear on the ballot in their district, under the insignia of the five parties certified by the State Election Commission (CEE) or by independent candidacies. The detailed information on the candidates provided by the tool is not available through the CEE,” the release reads.

Find out where you vote here:

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