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Evertec joins #GivingTuesdayPR to aid NGOs

By on December 3, 2019

Alexandra López Soler, Evertec Marketing & Innovation SVP (Courtesy)

Provides ATH Móvil app that eases donations to nonprofits, charities

SAN JUAN – Electronic transaction processing company Evertec is teaming up with #GivingTuesdayPR to facilitate the use of its ATH Móvil application to ease donations to more not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

“#GivingTuesdayPR is part of a global effort to raise awareness about the extraordinary work of these organizations do in Puerto Rico and support fundraising through a digital platform,” Alexandra López, senior vice president of marketing and innovation at Evertec, said in a press release. “In its third year on the island, #GivingTuesdayPR once again joins the global movement to dedicate December 3rd as a day for highlighting the importance of giving and donating, through a locally coordinated effort led by the Alliance for the Development of the Puerto Rican Third Sector [ADTSP by its Spanish initials].”

Since Evertec introduced the ATH Móvil Donations solution last year, it has made fundraising easier and simpler for the more than 150 organizations that are enrolled in the service, López said, adding that ATH Móvil, launched in 2014, has more than 1.3 million active users.

She said that those interested in using ATH Móvil to make donations to any of the organizations participating in #GivingTuesdayPR, can do so by opening the app, looking for the Donate option, selecting the pATH, or unique name of the preferred organization, entering the amount to be donated and confirming the donation.

NGOs wishing to receive donations through ATH Móvil must have an ATH Móvil Business account and fill out an application in the Donations section of the service’s website at Launched in 2017, Evertec’s ATH Móvil Business provides small and medium-sized businesses and NGOs an easy, secure and instant way to receive payments and donations, López said.

“These NGOs are an important pillar in Puerto Rico and one of its greatest challenges continues to be raising funds for its operations,” the Evertec executive said, noting that the app’s person-to-person payments function allows NGOs to obtain donations in a “fast, secure and sustainable” manner. “The facility provided by the technology immediately allowing individuals to donate to NGOs is a catalyst that will accelerate their growth and development, by obtaining funds from thousands of people directly and instantly.”

ADTSP President Roberto Soto Acosta said he was enthusiastic about the integration of ATH Móvil as the preferred channel for #GivingTuesdayPR donations.

“We continue to support these NGOs and their great efforts,” said Soto Acosta, who heads an organization that represents nonprofit volunteer and charity organizations on the island and is a global representative of #GivingTuesday Puerto Rico. “In 2018, we helped more than 60 NGOs raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are confident that the convenience offered by ATH Móvil will increase the number of participating organizations and make it easier for them to reach their fundraising goals to continue with their valuable projects.”

Evertec (NYSE: EVTC) is a leading company that provides transaction processing services in Latin America, featuring a wide range of merchant transaction acquisition, payment processing, and business process management services.  The company manages an electronic payment network that processes over 2 billion transactions a year and provides comprehensive processing services for banking solutions, cash handling, and technology outsourcing.

Evertec also owns and operates the ATH Network, one of the main PIN debit networks in Latin America. Based in Puerto Rico, it offers services in 26 Latin American countries and serves a broad and diverse portfolio of clients from major financial institutions, businesses, corporations and government agencies, offering mission-critical technology solutions.

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