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Export, management and talent development workshops begin

By on January 20, 2021

Over 30 local companies may train in flexible methodology called Smart Talent

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension Inc. (PRiMEX), a non-profit organization affiliated with the U.S. Department of Commerce, has announced the beginning of two workshops specializing in exports as well as in the management and development of talent. Known as “Smart Talent” both are aimed at the small and midsize manufacturing enterprises.

“For the second year in a row we held the Smart Talent academy, the aim of which is to develop in local entrepreneurs a new approach to attract, retain and engage talent effectively,” said Nora Henríquez, director of the program, explaining that “through the systemic approach of certification, the participant will acquire the ability to manage their [human resources] talent, thus impacting their company, either by reducing operational costs, improving performance or driving growth.”

Henríquez pointed out that job-position marketing had already been evolving since 2016 and with the arrival of the pandemic, it is now even more necessary to understand the needs of the workforce and business owners. As she explained, the program helps business leaders in Puerto Rico, as well as human resources and production management, develop the tools and techniques that support their operations.

The director indicated that the program consists of five virtual sessions of two and three hours, which include online and mentoring sessions to implement tools and techniques incorporated into the new approach.

Through the different modules, topics such as learning to attract, retain and engage talent will be addressed; how to structure an on-boarding program to work; how to structure “On the Job Training” (OJT); how to measure and identify performance and how to identify development paths in employment for workers to progress.

Likewise, the issue of remote work is incorporated.

“Faced with the challenges that globalization brings and an economy in constant challenges, producing new growth perspectives is urgent, taking into consideration technology as the main tool for the process of searching, contacting, offering, positioning, following up amid obstacles, expanding your business and achieving better productivity in companies,” explained Henríquez.

“Topics to be covered range from exploration and technology to conceptualization and application, which will be evaluated to achieve a successful business transformation. Tools aimed at experiences and the modern world will be offered that will serve as bases of focus and direction,” she added.

The director also explained that the program includes 45 contact hours, 20 of which will be through the study of six instructional modules that will direct 15 companies directly. The study process will be asynchronous and synchronous, where, at the end of it, the participants will be able to apply and create their export plan design in the short, medium and long term. In the course of this, 14 hours of coaching will be offered to train and lead the participants and 11 hours of support with innovative tools for the search of new markets.

Companies will go through an evaluation process and the criteria include: sector to which it belongs, number of employees, organizational structure, retention and recruitment, recurring sales and increase in production. Both academies, free of charge, will begin in January and February, respectively.

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