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Face-off between Ferrer and Acevedo Vilá for PDP presidency

By on February 26, 2017

BARCELONETA — Without a clear majority in favor of any two candidates, former governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá and former representative Héctor Ferrer will face one another before 571 delegates from the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) General Council with aims to preside the party.

The General Council began at 11:00 a.m. in Barceloneta’s Ernesto Ramos Antonini theater, but voting to select the new president and fill other vacant spots in the party’s Governing Board began at 9:00 a.m.

PDP Electoral Commissioner Guillermo San Antonio Acha indicated that he expects to have the results by 2:00 p.m. For this voting process, he said they will use urns to place the ballots, and machines to count votes.

PDP affiliates wait outside the theater to select their new leaders. (Ismael Torres/CB)

PDP affiliates wait outside the theater to select their new leaders. (Ismael Torres/CB)

While Ferrer arrives to the assembly with support from more than 30 mayors, Acevedo Vilá is endorsed by leaders such as former governor Rafael Hernández Colón, former gubernatorial candidate Victoria Muñoz Mendoza, and legislators Manuel Natal, Luis Vega Ramos, Eduardo Bhatia, and Aníbal José Torres.

Acevedo Vilá has assured that he wouldn’t partake in the 2020 gubernatorial race if elected, while Ferrer doesn’t dismiss that possibility, regardless of today’s results.

Apart from electing the new president to lead the political formation until summer 2018, they will elect San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz as vice president of women in the party, and she must be ratified without opposition.

Other candidates include Caguas mayor William Miranda Torres and Luis Galarza Rosario for member-at-large; Peñuelas mayor Walter Torres and Juan Medina to represent the Ponce district; Carolina mayor José Carlos Aponte Dalmau and Jesús “Jerry” Torres for the Carolina district; and Jesús Torres and Guayama mayor Eduardo Cintrón to represent the Guayama district.

The exiting PDP president, David Bernier, is coordinating labors during his last assembly as president, and it is dedicated to former Sen. Celeste Benítez.

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