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Facebook’s CEO nears end of US tour, wants to boost small biz

By on November 9, 2017

NEW YORK — What’s Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest takeaway as he wraps up a year of travel to dozens of U.S. states? The importance of local communities.

To this end, Facebook’s CEO is announcing a program to boost small businesses and give people technical skills on and off Facebook. The move shows how intertwined Facebook has become not just in our social lives, but in entrepreneurs’ economic survival and growth. Facebook says 70 million small businesses use its service. Only 6 million of them advertise.

Called Community Boost, the program will visit 30 U.S. cities next year and work with local groups to train people in skills such as coding, building websites — and naturally, using Facebook for their business.

Zuckerberg says the effort is not just about Facebook’s business but its core mission.

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