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Famous Authors at the Bookmark Boutique this Summer

By on July 7, 2016

The Bookmark Boutique bookstore announced a series of reading events for this summer that will include the writings of famous authors designed for the younger readers so they can enjoy their summer vacation.

Reasons WhyAlso, three in-store events, starting Thursday, June 7th, with authors specializing in youth fiction will take place during this month. The other events will take place on the 14th and the 28th with authors as diverse as they are great.

Jay Asher, author of “Thirteen Reasons Why,” considered a hymn against bullying, will be taking part of the event along with Romina Rusell, an Argentine author living in the U.S. that has specialized in developing elements of the Latin American magical realism and including them in her Zodiac Galaxy series.

The in-store events will close with the visit of beach lover Huntley Fitzpatrick, who combines romantic stories between young lovers with transcendent family elements, to the Bookmark Boutique.

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