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Favorite Bar-Soap Brands: Protex, Dove and Irish Spring

By on June 10, 2017

Among the many consumer categories that Gaither International measures with its Media Brand Profiles (MBP) survey are categories pertaining to personal hygiene products such as bar soap, deodorants, sanitary paper, sanitary pads and tampons. This week’s survey takes a look at these categories and the top brands chosen by consumers.

“First, we take a look at the bar-soap category, the purchasing incidence for this category is 80% in the past 30 days,” said Melanie Dederick, a client service associate at Gaither International. The top-five brands purchased for body soap are: Protex (36%), Dove (24%), Irish Spring (13%), Palmolive Naturals (11%) and Caress (7%).


As for the place of purchase for body soap, 68% purchased in a big-chain supermarket, 15% went to a mass merchandiser, 11% visited a small-chain supermarket, 9% at a pharmacy, 6% a club store, 5% at a mini market and 4% at a restaurant / cafeteria. Dederick said in this case, the restaurant / cafeteria category refers to “one of those mom-and-pop stores known as colmados.”

The second hygiene category reviewed for this week is deodorants, and 69% say they have purchased deodorant in the past 30 days. When asked which brands they have purchased, the top mentioned were: Dove (17%), Degree (16%), Suave (14%), Avon (13%), Odorono (8%), Gillette (7%) and Lady Speed Stick (5%). “As to what kind of deodorant people seem to prefer, most consumers seem to prefer roll-on deodorant (44%) but they also seem to choose stick deodorant (41%); 7% buy gel; 7% buy spray and 1% mention they don’t use deodorant,” Dederick said.

In terms of where they purchase their deodorant, the top-five places mentioned were: big-chain supermarkets (47%), pharmacies (25%), mass merchandisers (12%), small-chain supermarkets (10%) and convenience stores (3%).

Next up is the sanitary paper category and the top brands being purchased in this category are: Charmin (39%), store brand / private label (11%), Cottonelle (10%), Scott (9%) and Angel Soft (5%). The purchasing incidence for this category is 83%. The top-three places people go to buy this product are: big-chain supermarkets (68%), mass merchandisers (12%) and small-chain supermarkets (11%).

For the sanitary pad category, the purchasing incidence in the past 30 days is 47%. “We only measure this category among the female population of Puerto Rico,” Dederick noted. The top-three places respondents prefer to purchase their sanitary pads are: big-chain supermarkets (37%), pharmacies (19%) and mass merchandiser stores (13%). As for the top-five brands in the market being purchased, these are: Nosotras (39%), Always (23%), Kotex (23%), U by Kotex (12%) and Stay Free (7%).

The final hygiene category reviewed for this week is tampons. “The purchasing incidence for tampons is significantly smaller than the incidence for sanitary pads,” Dederick said, as only 5% of respondents mentioned having purchased tampons in the past 30 days. This category is also exclusively measured among the [cisgender] female population [who menstruate].

However, the preferred place of purchase for this product is at a pharmacy (50%), followed by big-chain supermarkets (35%) and mass merchandiser stores (17%). Finally, the top-five brands being purchased are: Nosotras (23%), Kotex (23%), U by Kotex (16%), Playtex (13%) and Tampax (13%).

The results are from Gaither International’s MBP tracking survey, which interviews more than 80 people daily among a representative sample of Puerto Rico’s population 12 years and older.

Polling is conducted by Gaither International and results are reported exclusively by Caribbean Business.

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