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FCC to evaluate whether telecoms should present Puerto Rico service report

By on January 11, 2018

SAN JUAN – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will evaluate a request from Puerto Rico Sen. Miguel Laureano Correa (NPP-Humacao) requesting telecommunications companies report the status of their service on the island and collaborate on proposed legislation that would regulate the certification of telecoms, the senator said Thursday.

The hearing is scheduled for February in Washington, according to FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai’s letter to the senator, the latter who is the chairman of the Innovation, Telecommunications, Urbanism & Infrastructure Committee.

The FCC chairman also made available to the senator the FCC Hurricane Recovery Task Force to listen to the observations and challenges in the recovery process.

Laureano explained that on Dec. 4, he traveled to Washington to request advice from FCC experts on the proposed Puerto Rico Senate legislation and about the accreditation process for telecoms on the island.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (Courtesy)

Pai wrote that his agency was informed about Puerto Rico SB 710 and SB 711, which seek to improve contingency plans and classify communications as an essential service for emergencies or catastrophes.

“We are pleased with the quick response of the chairman of the FCC for an issue that still persists on our island. This validates part of the efforts we are carrying out to seek alternatives for improving telecommunications for future natural disasters. The federal agency’s collaboration will be key and will benefit the citizens,” Laureano said when making the contents of the letter public.

Public hearings have helped reveal some of the problems telecoms face, as well as their operational state and conditions affecting service restoration after Hurricane Maria.

FCC asked to intervene in Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery efforts

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