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FEMA approves over $108 million more for hurricane recovery projects

By on June 30, 2020

Obligations include about $1.9 million for permanent work in Culebra

SAN JUAN – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Tuesday that Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts continue after Hurricane María in 2017 with the obligation of more than $108 million in additional funds approved by the agency and the island’s Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience, or COR3, for 182 projects.

Several municipalities will benefit, as 153 of the allocations are for permanent work projects throughout the island. The new grants were awarded during the week of June 19-25.

FEMA works with COR3 through the federal agency’s Public Assistance program to obligate recovery funds to private nonprofit organizations, municipalities and agencies of the government of Puerto Rico for expenses related to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. To date, nearly $7 billion has been awarded to Puerto Rico as part of the program.

Included in the obligations are over $3.1 million in funding for five permanent work projects in Aguas Buenas, which include roads and a municipal park. The City Hall building will be repaired by replacing its air conditioning units and a waterproofing treatment on the roof.  Regarding this project, FEMA said the mayor of Aguas Buenas, Javier García Pérez, emphasized the impact to the municipality’s nearly 30,000 residents.

The agency’s press release quotes the mayor as saying.“We are pleased with the approval of these funds for our City Hall because each of our projects moving forward means an additional step in the recovery of our municipality and our communities. Offering the best service to our citizens is our greatest commitment,”

Three projects were also approved for the island-municipality of Culebra for a total of about $1.9 million. The Municipal Government Center, where residents go to request a variety of services, will be repaired with an allocation of $830,000. Similarly, residents who travel daily on the streets of the La Perla Sector, William Font Street and the Las Delicias community “will benefit from an obligation of nearly $220,000 to pave these roads,” FEMA said. In addition, several streets in the Flamenco, Pueblo, Frailes, and Playa Sardinas II neighborhoods will be repaired with more than $871,000.

The mayor of Culebra, Iván Solís Bermúdez, said that mitigation “is also very important because, many times, the municipalities do not have funds available to make the improvements that became necessary after hurricanes Irma and Maria.”

Meanwhile, about 30 families in the Jagüeyes sector in Aibonito will have “safe access to their homes with the approval of over $402,000 to repave the PR-162 road,” the release reads.

“PR-162 has many needs, so this obligation is a welcome relief for those who pass through it daily,” said the mayor of Aibonito, William Alicea Pérez.

To date, FEMA has obligated more than $101 million for mitigation measures in 1,301 projects.

“These measures seek to strengthen facilities and structures in a cost-effective manner in order to lessen the effects of future disasters. To this end, the municipality of Aguas Buenas will use about $6,400 to install an anchorage system for its air conditioning units. Similarly, Culebra proposes anchoring and reinforcing equipment on the roof of the Center and installing geotextiles on the different roads to prevent erosion. In addition, a reinforcement system will be installed for the asphalt surface on the Aibonito road with about $3,000 of the obligated funds,” FEMA said.  

The most recent approved grants are broken down as follows:

• More than $52 million for repairs to roads and bridges.
• More than $27 million for work related to parks and recreational facilities.
• More than $27 million for repairs to public buildings and equipment.
• More than $635,000 for debris removal.
• Nearly $346,000 for public utilities.
• Nearly $266,000 for emergency protective measures.
• Nearly $334,000 to municipalities and government agencies for administrative costs.

For more details on the 182 most recent projects, see table below:

Applicant Name Federal Share ObligatedDescription
Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works$9,568,603.80Repairs to road signs in the Aguadilla, Arecibo and San Juan regions.
Municipality of San Juan$6,743,345.03Repairs and content replacement to municipal hospital in Barrio Gobernador Piñero.
Municipality of Jayuya$5,492,073.60Road repairs in PR-530, km 2.2, Sector Los Ajos, Barrio Mameyes.
Municipality of Jayuya$4,407,536.70Road repairs in multiple sectors of Barrio Santa Bárbara including Figueroa, Chu Montero, Josean Rodríguez, Bianchi and El Grillo.
Municipality of Jayuya$4,290,105.84Road repairs in Sector Hoyo, Barrio Jayuya Abajo.
Municipality of Jayuya$3,353,287.63Road repairs in multiple sectors of Barrio Gripiñas including Frao López and Valiñas.
Municipality of Cayey$3,173,807.57Repairs and content replacement to Mariano Rivera Ramos Health Services Center.
Municipality of Corozal$3,069,628.79Repairs to Ernesto Ríos track and field.
Municipality of Jayuya$2,785,178.82Road repairs in Cuesta Cemento and Che Martínez Sectors, Urbanización Vega Linda; Sector El Nudo and PR-514 in Urbanización Las Colinas.
Municipality of Trujillo Alto$2,701,594.46Repairs to the following roads:
• PR-175, km 4.3, Sector El Pueblito, Barrio Carraízo.
• PR-851, km 1.8, Street 7, Barrio La Gloria
• PR-941, km 2.2, Camino Culebra, Barrio La Gloria
• PR-851, km 3.1, Camino Villa Soñada, Barrio Quebrada Negrito
• PR-851, km 3.1, Camino Cruz Alemán, Barrio Quebrada Negrito
• PR-851, km 4.7, Camino Talanco, Barrio Quebrada Negrito
• PR-851, km 4.2, Camino Manuel Andino, Barrio Quebrada Negrito
Department of Sports and Recreation$2,673,017.41Repairs to baseball park, restrooms, basketball courts, office, community center, parking, passive park, playground, pool and tennis courts of the North Region Office’s Multi-Sport Complex in Arecibo.
Municipality of Aguas Buenas$2,408,746.28Road repairs in PR-790, Sector La Charca, Barrio Bayamoncito.
Arecibo Baseball Academy$2,118,253.60Repairs and content replacement to main building, dining room, gazebo and basketball court in Sector Maga Bajadero, Arecibo.
Municipality of Mayagüez$1,871,183.14Repairs to Parque Patinetas and Parque El Litoral.
Municipality of Hatillo$1,682,696.46Repairs to Juan C. “Tito” Rodríguez municipal stadium.
Academia Claret, Inc.$1,669,487.53Repairs to playground area, fence, basketball court, gazebo and main building in Urbanización Forest View, Bayamón.
Municipality of Morovis$1,600,382.01Repairs to City Hall.
Department of Sports and Recreation$1,581,730.90Repairs to tennis courts, baseball park, fence and parking of the South Region Office in Ponce.
Municipality of Peñuelas$1,576,193.40Road repairs in multiple sites of Sector Belleza and Sector Los Oréganos, Barrio Rucio
Municipality of Maricao$1,376,472.79Road repairs in PR-105, km 19.8, Sector La Carmen, Camino Noriega, Barrio Montoso.
Municipality of Corozal$1,344,660.43Road repairs in multiple sectors of Barrio Maná including Sector Los Gonzáles and Sector Los Rivera.
Municipality of Guayama$1,322,487.81Repairs to Fine Arts School and Los Rociadores waterpark.
Department of Sports and Recreation$1,228,836.79Repairs to baseball park, basketball court, community center, office, playground and tennis court of the Southeast Office’s Centro Deportivo in Guayama.
Municipality of Jayuya$1,197,761.28Road repairs in multiple sectors of Barrio Collores including Alturas, El Guariche and Palao.
Municipality of Ciales$1,190,194.80Road repairs in multiple sites of Barrio Pozas including:
• Road and low water crossing in Camino Los Vegas
• Road in Sector El Hoyo
• Road in Sector Cascana
• Road and low water crossing in Camino El Cedro
• Road in Sector La Loma
• Road in Sector El Parque
Municipality of Patillas$1,183,598.22Repairs to basketball court in Urbanización San Benito.
Municipality of Juana Díaz$1,113,185.46Repairs and content replacement to new athletic track in PR-14.
Municipality of San Lorenzo$1,062,112.45Repairs to Municipal Public Works Office Building in PR-9931.
Public Buildings Authority$1,054,031.66Repairs to Police Headquarters in Caguas and New Police Headquarters in Humacao.
Municipality of Vieques$930,867.42Repairs to the following roads:
• Magnolia Street, Sector Esperanza, Barrio Puerto Real
• Callejón de Marta/Street 10, Sector Monte Santo, Barrio Gobeo
• Turquesa Street
Municipality of Lajas$918,284.93Repairs to Manuel González Izquierdo Theater.
Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration$903,417.84Repairs to roof water proofing system, prep and paint exterior walls/interior ceilings, wall cement plaster, light fixtures, concrete fence and concrete ramp for 9 residential buildings and the administration building of the Rincón Taíno public housing in Santa Isabel.
Municipality of Naranjito$901,451.84Road repairs in PR-152, km 13.8, Sector El Banco, Barrio Cedro Arriba.
Municipality of Jayuya$882,372.89Road repairs in Sector Pedro Piano, Barrio Collores.
Municipality of Culebra$871,450.53Repairs to the following roads:
• Street #1 and #6 in Sector Villa Flamenco, Barrio Flamenco
• Luis Muñoz Marín Street in Barrio Pueblo
• Zoni Road in Barrio Frailes
• PR-250 in Sector Fulladosa, Barrio Playa Sardinas II
• Tamarindo Road in Barrio Flamenco
• PR-252 in Sector Melones, Barrio Pueblo
Municipality of Culebra$829,888.82Repairs and content replacement to Government Center building.
Colegio La Merced$811,725.29Repairs to bleachers, pavilion and basketball court in Lucía Vázquez Street, Cayey.
Municipality of Florida$765,169.20Repairs to basketball court in Sector La Ceiba and baseball parks in Sectors Pajonal I and II.
Municipality of Coamo$763,783.98Repairs to basketball court in Barrio Hayales.
Municipality of Carolina$683,161.67Repairs and content replacement to Escuela de los Deportes.
Municipality of Lares$673,830.15Repairs to nursing home in Hospital Street.
Municipality of Canóvanas$658,689.08Repairs to basketball and volleyball courts in Urbanización Estancias del Río.
Municipality of Toa Alta$657,959.17Road repairs in Sector Los Hoyos, Barrio Quebrada Arena and Sector La Marina, Barrio Ortiz.
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company$626,934.90 
Municipality of Añasco$623,347.02Road repairs in multiple locations in PR-405, Urbanización Vista del Río I and II, Barrio Carreras.
Municipality of San Juan$596,155.95Repairs to Arturo Somohano School.
Municipality of Carolina$592,281.51Repairs to pool, three baseball parks, walking track and volleyball court in Urbanización Villa Carolina.
Municipality of Canóvanas$586,598.90Repairs to basketball court in Barrio Cubuy.
Municipality of Cidra$554,668.60Repairs to baseball park and basketball court in Barrio Río Abajo.
Municipality of San Germán$546,093.21Repairs to Pindo bridge and El Chorote bridge in PR-361, Barrio Caín Alto.
Municipality of Cidra$542,511.27Road repairs in multiple sites of PR-173, Sector Almirante.
Municipality of Morovis$542,023.20Road repairs in PR-567, km 14.1, Parcelas San Lorenzo, Barrio Pastos.
Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company$519,866.01Repairs to cybernetic center building in Guaynabo.
Municipality of San Juan$470,922.08Repairs to baseball park, basketball court, walking track and community center in Urbanización Reparto Metropolitano.
Municipality of Carolina$442,341.78Repairs to basketball court in Urbanización Country Club, 3rd extension.
Municipality of Aguas Buenas$441,412.84Repairs to the following facilities in Barrio Bairoa:
• Basketball court in Sector La Brusca.
• El Perico Road
• Antiguo Camino Jagüeyes
• La Brusca Road
Municipality of Carolina$425,753.60Repairs to basketball courts in Urbanización Villa Carolina, Extensions I and II.
Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture$421,495.21Repairs to main office building in PR-111, Utuado.
Municipality of Trujillo Alto$412,714.86Repairs to community center in Barrio Saint Just.
Municipality of Aibonito$402,311.59Road repairs in PR-162, km 0.8, Sector Jagüeyes, Barrio Cuyón.
Municipality of San Juan$387,416.59Repairs to baseball park in Urbanización Santiago Iglesias.
Municipality of Arecibo$386,933.86Repairs to volleyball court and gymnasium in Sector Ballajá.
Municipality of Naranjito$367,976.07Road repairs in PR-814, Sector Cruce de Anones, Barrio Cedro Abajo.
Municipality of Coamo$363,554.58Road repairs in multiple locations in PR-703, Parcelas Viejas and Parcelas Nuevas, Barrio Cuyón.
Municipality of Lares$362,630.38Repairs to Bartolo Echevarría basketball court and baseball park in Barrio Piletas
Municipality of Ponce$360,537.84Repairs to multiple buildings in Ribera de Bucana III Housing Complex.
Municipality of San Juan$359,231.42Repairs to soccer field, tennis court and playground in Urbanización San Ignacio and basketball court, walking track and playground in Urbanización San Juan Gardens.
Municipality of Utuado$354,554.95Road repairs in PR-606, Camino Valentin Cuello, Barrio Jauca.
Municipality of Coamo$345,200.15Repairs to municipal cemetery in Barrio Santa Catalina.
Municipality of Carolina$340,396.39Repairs to baseball park, basketball court, passive park, handball wall and bathrooms in Urbanización Jardines de Carolina.
Municipality of Lajas$335,233.23Repairs to Joe Basora baseball park.
Coro de Niños de San Juan$323,197.60Repairs to buildings, fence, parking and stairway in Avenida Fernández Juncos, Barrio Santurce.
Department of Sports and Recreation$314,529.85Content replacement in multiple facilities of Parque Recreo Deportivo in Arecibo.
Municipality of Barranquitas$313,587.00Repairs to light poles and fixtures in various streets of Barrio Pueblo.
Municipality of Carolina$295,582.05Repairs to baseball park, basketball court and community center in Urbanización Metrópolis III.
Municipality of Guayama$294,273.04Repairs to baseball park in Urbanización Jardines de Guamaní.
Municipality of Trujillo Alto$292,362.11Repairs to recreational parks in Montebello Estates and Urbanización Monte Trujillo.
Municipality of Cidra$291,699.17Road repairs in PR-173, km 5.9, Sector Galindo, Barrio Honduras.
Municipality of Santa Isabel$282,693.91 
Municipality of Carolina$278,084.86Repairs to basketball courts and baseball parks in Urbanización Villa Carolina, 4th extension.
Municipality of Carolina$250,334.38Repairs to tennis courts, baseball parks, basketball court and walking trail in Urbanización Vista Mar.
Municipality of Toa Alta$238,141.55Repairs to baseball park in Barrio Galateo.
Municipality of San Germán$237,607.95Architectural and engineering design costs for repairs to low water crossing and bridge in Barrio Caín Alto.
Municipality of Carolina$232,178.26Repairs to shooting range in Herber Rodríguez Street.
Municipality of Carolina$227,431.80Repairs to basketball court, volleyball court, outdoors handball court and softball park in Urbanización Villa Fontana.
Municipality of Carolina$220,229.79Repairs to baseball park, basketball court and community center in Sector Estancia Tropical.
Municipality of Culebra$219,395.65Road repairs in the following:
• Sector La Perla in Barrio Frailes
• Punta Soldado Street in Barrio Playa Sardinas II
• William Font Street in Barrio Pueblo
• William Font Street intersection PR-252 in Barrio Pueblo
• Vado/Tortugas Bridge in Barrio Frailes
• PR-250 in Barrio Flamenco
Municipality of San Juan$216,937.14Repairs to multiple facilities including:
• Basketball court, gazebo and swings in El Bosque street
• Recreational facilities and basketball court in Barrio Obrero
• Los Maestros basketball court and baseball park in Josefina Medina street intersection Antonio Sarriera Street
• María de Hostos basketball court in Cojimar Street
Municipality of Orocovis$212,779.40Repairs to basketball court, playground and baseball park in PR-157, km 7.0.
Municipality of Vega Alta$212,277.69Repairs to baseball park and basketball court in Barrio Mavilla.
Municipality of San Juan$211,054.55Repairs to community center, baseball court and passive park in Barrio Monacillos; basketball court and passive park in Urbanización San Felipe; basketball court and passive park in Sector Seboruco; and recreational park in Urbanización Villa Capri.
Municipality of Barceloneta$200,759.09Repairs to old and new cemeteries in PR-140, Sector Seboruco, Barrio Garrochales
Municipality of San Sebastián$197,196.12Repairs to Juan José “Tití” Beníquez stadium.

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