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Ferrer Wins PDP’s Resident Commissioner Race

By on June 5, 2016

SAN JUAN — Former legislator Héctor Ferrer was declared winner Sunday afternoon over Sen. Ángel Rosa in the race for resident commissioner in the Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) ballot.

With more than 70% of polling sites reported, Rosa conceded the win to Ferrer, who maintained a 57% lead throughout the afternoon.

“Ferrer has handily won the resident commissionership primary, and I want to be the first to congratulate him for his victory today,” the senator told reporters at PDP headquarters in San Juan.

For his part, Ferrer thanked Rosa and said he is a valuable asset not only for the party, but also for Puerto Rico.

“I need Rosa to be in the PDP’s team of Bernier, Ferrer and the people of Puerto Rico,” Ferrer said.

When asked about the New Progressive Party’s (NPP) opponent come the November general election, Rep. Jenniffer González, Ferrer noted the many differences between them.

“She wants to create a crisis [in Washington, D.C.] to obtain statehood. We will go there to solve the crisis, not to create it,” he stressed, adding that he would seek the economic development tools that could help Puerto Rico overcome its economic woes.

Ferrer will join gubernatorial hopeful David Bernier, who didn’t reveal who he supported when he voted Sunday, on the PDP ticket.

Bernier reiterated his call for a total transformation of Puerto Rico’s political leadership. Moreover, he stressed how his legislative team would be one with discipline once his administration’s public policy is established if he wins the November election.

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Photo by CB/Yoel Parrilla

In the PDP’s race for senator-at-large and with more than 90% of polling sites reported, Sen. Aníbal J. Torres led the pack, followed by Sen. Rossana López, Senate President Eduardo Bhatia, Sen. José Nadal Power, Sen. Miguel Pereira and Sen. Cirilo Tirado.

“Compare the PDP’s team with the NPP’s,” Bhatia said when asked about comments suggesting he didn’t favor some of those running in the PDP primary races.

In the lower chamber, Rep. Brenda López de Arrarás led the at-large group, followed by House Speaker Jaime Perelló, Rep. Luis Vega Ramos, Public Affairs Secretary Jesús Manuel Ortiz and former Chief of Staff Jorge Colberg and Rep. Manuel Natal.

Earlier Sunday, PDP Secretary General Javier Echeverría acknowledged there had been some incidents reported at polling schools, which would be further investigated, but overall, he believed the process ran normally.

PDP officials noted how the party’s primary process was much smaller in scale than the NPP’s, resulting in a lower voter turnout.


After addressing the press, the PDP political leaders joined their party’s faithful who arrived at the PDP headquarters in Puerta de Tierra. Photo by CB/Yoel Parrilla

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