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Filed Bill would require Government to Hand Social Media Passwords Over to New Administration

By on December 26, 2015

TOA ALTA – New Progressive Party (NPP) Rep. Ángel “Gary” Rodríguez announced Saturday he has filed a bill requiring transition committees in government agencies and public corporations to hand over to the incoming administration all email addresses and passwords originated as part of the process of opening accounts on the different social networks, as well as all access protocols (File Transfer Protocol, or FTP) of the websites they manage.

“It is imperative to recognize the transitioning period is of key importance to a new administration since it defines the decisions that will be made at the beginning of its term. Therefore, the preparation and filing of reports, through which the state of the government agencies and public corporations is documented, is required to be presented by the outgoing agency directors. The content of this transition report is, without a doubt, of high public interest,” Rodríguez said in a written statement.

The Bayamón and Toa Alta district representative assured the reports do not mention any details about the agencies’ official accounts in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, blogs, etc. or the FTPs.

House Bill 2755 seeks to amend Article 9 of Act 197 of 2002, as amended, known as the Government Transition Process Act, so passwords and FTPs be included in the transition reports.

“Considering these accounts were generated from a government framework for which public funding was probably used, we reasonably believe said accounts in the social networks should be passed on to the next administration through the transition committees,” Rodríguez stated.  

By Juan Hernández

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