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FirstBank launches its Beyond digital wallet, Fraud Alert Service

By on October 9, 2018

SAN JUAN – FirstBank announced Tuesday that its Beyond Mobile service is now available for its Beyond credit card customers. The new “digital wallet” service allows customers to make payments at business establishments without having to physically present their card.

Customers can start using the service by downloading the Samsung Pay or Google Pay app and filling out their credit card information. When subscribed to Beyond Mobile, a virtual credit card number, or token, will replace the actual number on the credit card. This unique number will be linked to that specific mobile phone for security when making purchases at businesses with terminals that are enabled for this type of transaction, the bank explained.

“Our customers with FirstBank Beyond Visa or MasterCard credit cards issued in Puerto Rico and Florida can begin to enable the Beyond Mobile service for transactions made in all establishments in Puerto Rico and abroad with compatible technology,” said Juan Carlos Vázquez, senior vice president of Consumer Banking at FirstBank.

FirstBank is also launching its Fraud Alert Service with which it emails or text messages customers with Beyond, Visa Debit or Visa Business cards. Customers who have registered their mobile phone number or email in the bank’s system will begin to receive fraud alerts whenever any suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected.

“Upon receiving the alert, the customer must immediately confirm if they recognize the transaction or not. Once the customer responds, the card is updated and the appropriate action is taken,” explained Gloria Martínez, vice president and Fraud Management manager at FirstBank.

The banking institution, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, shared some tips for protecting transactions: (1) review account statements frequently to identify any fraudulent transactions; (2) do not lend your credit or debit card to anyone; (3) verify that the websites where you make internet purchases have a security certificate; and (4) sign your card on the back so that businesses can have another way of identifying you.

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