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Fluor awarded additional $831 million to repair Puerto Rico grid

By on December 4, 2017

SAN JUAN – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted a second contract to Fluor Enterprise Inc., for $831 million, to support the ongoing work on the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s hurricane-destroyed power grid.

According to a USACE press release, the agreement took place after Fluor was selected from among nine other companies that competed for a Resilient Power and Mechanical Systems (RPMS) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), similar to the South Carolina-based company’s contract for $240 million with USACE since Oct. 16.

Fluor’s offices in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico (Screen capture of

The request for “best value” proposals was issued Nov. 7 and they were received Nov. 14. The new contract will provide “additional resources and personnel needed to support the work to restore the power grid,” according to the release.

The work to be carried out with Department of Homeland Security funds is estimated to be completed on Feb. 28, the Department of Defense said in a release Friday.

“This additional contract award demonstrates the federal government’s commitment to doing everything possible to restore the power to the people of Puerto Rico,” said José Sánchez, director of the Puerto Rico Power Grid Restoration Program. “USACE understands the urgency of this mission and these additional resources will allow us to advance on our mission in an expeditious and effective manner,” he added.

Flour, which has been operating in Puerto Rico for decades, recently held an event at its Guaynabo facilities to recruit personnel.

Fluor awarded additional $831 million to repair Puerto Rico grid

“Fluor will augment ongoing efforts to repair transmission and distribution lines. The contract includes equipment evaluation and repair, as well as the re-energization and recommissioning of substations and switching stations,” the contract announcement reads.

USACE said repairing the grid requires providing “temporary emergency power and spot generation for critical facilities,” and achieving “adequate generation,” as well as reinstalling, repairing and restoring transmission and distribution lines.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa) has reached agreements with several stateside public and private companies that are providing specialized personnel for the repair of the island’s electricity system, which was almost entirely impacted by Hurricane María on Sept. 20.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló had promised that by Dec. 1, 80% of Prepa’s customers would have power restored. However, as of its last update Sunday at 6 a.m., the government indicates that 68.4% power generation has been achieved, which does not precisely reflect how many customers have power.


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