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Food drive for low-income Puerto Rico children kicks off July 24

By on July 23, 2017

SAN JUAN — A food drive to provide healthy snacks for 2,100 public education students in Puerto Rico kicks off Monday, July 24. The “Say Present This Back-to-School” initiative, which seeks to help those living in extreme poverty, is a collaboration between the Food Bank of Puerto Rico and shopping center owner DDR Corp.

Ivonne Bernard, executive director of the Food Bank of Puerto Rico, said the program is an effort to “address the food scarcity problem of children and families living in low-income communities” and will “allow hundreds of minors in Puerto Rico to be better fed and, as a result, happier. With mutual collaboration, we can ensure that no one in Puerto Rico is left without food,” she added.

Given the program’s focus on nutritional foods, the public is encouraged to donate the following food items: instant oatmeal; whole grain bars; dry cereal; granola; low-sodium canned chicken, tuna, sausages, and/or ham; peanut butter, assortment of unsalted nuts; unsalted sunflower seeds; apple sauce; mixed fruits, packaged in water or juice; dried fruit, such as cranberries or raisins; canned fruits and vegetables; veggie crisps; 2 percent dairy milk; and 4-ounce water bottles.

“This initiative in collaboration with the Food Bank of Puerto Rico allows us to positively impact thousands of children by ensuring a nutritional outlook that will lead to better academic performance by providing the healthy snacks they need for the beginning of the new school year,” DDR Corp. Marketing Director Martha Hermilla said.

DDR Corp.’s customer service centers in Plaza del Sol, Plaza Río Hondo, Plaza del Norte, Plaza Palma Real, Señorial Plaza, Plaza Escorial, Plaza Fajardo, Plaza Cayey, Plaza Isabela, Plaza del Atlántico, Plaza Walmart, and Plaza Vega Baja will be receiving the donations through Aug. 20.

Donations must be canned or packaged. It is important that they do not come in glass containers or past their expiration date.

To learn more about the initiative, call the Puerto Rico Food Bank at 787-740-3663.

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