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Former Hospital Association President Passes Away

By on September 25, 2016

Alfredo E. Volckers Rodríguez

Alfredo E. Volckers Rodríguez

The former President of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association (PRHA) and Metro Pavía Health System Operational Vice President, Alfredo E. Volckers Rodríguez, passed away today at 71 years old.

“The health industry, especially hospital institutions that lend services to the comminwealth, lose one of its most outstanding members and propeller of significant changes for patient care,” informed PRHA executive president Jaime Plá Cortes.

During his years of service for Puerto Rican health, Volckers Rodríguez worked as the administrator of the Pavía Hospital in Santurce, as well as a doctor at San Pablo hospital, Auxilio Mutuo hospital, and the Teachers Association Hospital in Hato Rey.

“He was an advanced visionary, a leader for hospitals that worked in our industry. One of his most important legacies has been his interest in patients receiving the best service during their hospital stay,” affirmed Plá Cortes.

The vigil for Volckers Rodríguez will be held Monday noon at Ehret funeral home in Río Piedras. In the meantime, a religious service will be offered Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. Although the time has not been specified yet, the burial will be held next Tuesday.

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