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Fundación Banco Popular continues its ‘Embracing Puerto Rico’ drive

By on November 28, 2017

SAN JUAN – Over the past 60 days, Fundación Banco Popular has been assisting Puerto Ricans and working toward the restoration of communities affected by Hurricane María. The effort will continue in the coming months to achieve greater reach, it said in a release Tuesday.

Some 600 Popular employees, serving as volunteers, have supported the distribution of nearly 800,000 pounds of basic provisions to more than 30,000 families in 35 municipalities across the island.

Popular Opens Bank Account to Help Islands Hit by Irma

Food, water, medical and cleaning supplies, and construction materials were delivered to help restore communities.The foundation also coordinated the delivery of desalination and water purification equipment to the community surrounding Caño Martin Peña and the island of Vieques. The initiative was implemented after identifying more than 1,000 families in need of drinking water.

In addition, the foundation is collaborating with the Planet Water Foundation and Harimau Conservation to identify additional communities in different parts of the island and facilitate access to drinking water through special filtering Aqua Towers, of which 12 have been deployed.

Planet Water Foundation and Harimau Conservation deploy an Aqua Tower. (Courtesy)

Aiming at promoting more resilient nonprofits, the foundation said it will establish green energy projects in collaboration with organizations across the island.

In addition, the foundation established an alliance with Fundación Música y País, a nonprofit that specializes in expressing emotion through art, to help children who were emotionally affected by the natural disaster. About 450 children and young adults have benefited from this key initiative.


In partnership with Grupo Guayacán, the foundation vows in its release to continue assisting Puerto Rico’s economic recovery by “jump-starting small businesses, helping them restart their operations” as well as to “fund and encourage communities to re-imagine, re-think, re-define, and co-create solutions to our most pressing social challenges in a bold manner.”

“We hope to reach the fundraising goal of $2 million by the end of December. Currently the Embracing Puerto Rico accounts have an approximate balance of $1.8 million. We know that many people want to join and help rebuild Puerto Rico and this initiative has the focus and system in place to achieve it,” Beatriz Polhamus, executive director of Fundación Banco Popular, says in the release..

If interested in donating from the United States visit www.embracingpuertorico.com. For donations in Puerto Rico, visit www.embracingpuertorico.com.


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