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Fundación Triple-S Appoints New Executive Director

By on November 16, 2021

Lydia Figueroa (Courtesy)

San Juan — Lydia Figueroa, who joined Triple-S in 2020 as community outreach director, was recently appointed as executive director for Fundación Triple-S, the insurance company’s charity arm. 

“With Fundación Triple-S expanding its reach, we understood we needed a person fully dedicated to working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and who had extensive experience in working with this sector to ensure that Fundación Triple-S may fulfill its role of becoming an effective agent of change. Lydia’s professional trajectory as well as her work at Triple-S assure us that Fundación Triple-S will continue to grow at a time of great need in Puerto Rico,” said Ivelisse Fernández, chief growth and experience officer at Triple-S Management. 

Fundación de Triple-S was created in 2017 just after Hurricane María, initially to channel aid to those in need and then broadened its mission as Triple-S celebrated its 60th anniversary to improve health outcomes by addressing social drivers of health. 

“We are addressing social determinants of health such as food insecurity and emotional wellbeing among the population with a particular focus on social isolation and loneliness. We address these factors in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, providers and other key social groups,” Figueroa said. 

The Triple-S nonprofit organization became the first private sector donor of World Central Kitchen in Puerto Rico with the aim of creating a sustainable network of local food producers to address food insecurity on the island.

The foundation also established an alliance with Universidad Albizu to offer emotional wellbeing workshops to communities, employees and other entities requesting them. In 2020, it channeled its efforts into meeting the needs of communities and people affected by seismic activity in the southwest. As the pandemic hit, it distributed $250,000 among organizations that were working with food distribution in different communities that had been affected by the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the organizations that received support were PECES, Albergue El Paraíso, Banco de Alimentos, Comedor de la Kennedy and World Central Kitchen. 

This year, the foundation requested proposals from nonprofits that work with either of the two social drivers that are part of its mission. It will announce the selected proposals before the end of the year. 

Figueroa joined Triple-S in June 2020 after serving as executive director of YMCS for two years. Prior to that position, she was vice president of Development and Educational Services at University Ana G. Méndez’s Sistema TV. In 2005, she was executive director of Episcopal Social Services. Lydia earned her bachelor’s at the University of Puerto Rico with a major in social work. She has an MA in nonprofit organizations from the Universidad Sagrado Corazón and an MBA from Columbia University. 

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