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García Padilla asks legislators to present results of trip to Hawaii

By on December 3, 2016

SAN JUAN — Gov. Alejandro García Padilla asked the group of legislators that will travel this weekend to Honolulu, Hawaii, to participate of the Fourteenth National Hispanic Legislators Summit that will, eventually, present results of their expedition to the citizenship.

(Pablo Martínez Monsivais, File/AP)

(Pablo Martínez Monsivais, File/AP)

Likewise, he insisted in his intention of holding a second extraordinary session before finishing his term at the end of the year, even with the absence of legislators from his Popular Democratic Party (PDP), who have delayed the approval of motions. The current extraordinary session is in place until December 6.

“What is mi recommendation: that what is evaluated is if [the legislators] assist the forums or not, what legislations or investigative resolutions produce these forums. And the determination of if the trip was productive or not, not to make it so much about the place, but the benefit for the country,” García Padilla expressed on the Hawaii trip.

“Lufthansa did not come because they saw beaches on the internet. Lufthansa came because we were seeking them out,” he pointed out, although he recognized that it must be watched that the legislators do not waste money in excess in the trips using, for example, first class tickets.

Likewise, he indicated that his trip the past days to Spain, even though being criticized, resulted in Puerto Rico having presence in the Spanish media for many days. The governor was participating of the forum “Puerto Rico: Destino Global” with entrepreneurs and Spanish bankers interested in coming to the island. At the trip, he said, he also had the opportunity of meeting with the president of Uruguay.

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“I was senator and I went on a few trips. There were extraordinary forums. My assistance to the forums can be verified. That is verifiable. I was there with public funds, you have to go to work. Oh, that at night one goes out to eat, well of course, but you had to go to work and I came back from over there with the information that was given to us and I would create motions according to what I learned in these forums,” he detailed in a press conference.


Disappointed with absences in extraordinary sessions

On the other hand, the first executive lamented the absenteeism, mainly of the PDP legislators, in the extraordinary sessions he held weeks ago to approve hundreds of appointments and motions.

“With a lot of probability there will be a second extraordinary session. Let’s say it’s very probable. All those things I consult as I consulted the first one [extraordinary session], with the presidents of the bodies. I feel bad over the absenteeism. That we have passed the elections does not permit the public employees that we are to stop doing what we have to do. […] I will not stop doing my work because there are those who do not want to do theirs,” the governor stated.

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