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García Padilla Denounces Pierluisi As A “Copycat”

By on February 18, 2016

SAN JUAN – Gov. García Padilla denounced resident commissioner Pedro Pierluisi as a “copycat” after he had allegedly “copied” a list of proposals contained in García Padilla’s 2012 political platform and tried to pass them as his own.
“It is regrettable that after more than three years of obstructing my administration, commissioner Pierluisi now presents a list of proposals identical to those contained in my government plan. In coping my government plan Pedro Pierluisi has included ideas that, more than proposals, have been successfully implemented already by my administration,” said García Padilla in a press release.
Among the ideas the governor claimed to be his own, he mentioned the Farmers Markets and the Family Farms, both of which, García Padilla claims, have incremented their sales during his administration.
The governor also mentioned what Pierluisi’s document identifies as “Select USA,” an initiative to attract foreign investments to Puerto Rico.
“Through that initiative my administration achieved bringing Lufthansa Technik to Puerto Rico with a total investment of more than $400 million. He [Pierluisi] ordered his delegation to vote against that initiative,” García Padilla recalled.
The governor reiterated it is “regrettable” that Pierluisi has to resort to copying the ideas of others in an effort to win some points in the polls of a primary race he is losing.


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