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Gas Wholesalers Lower Gas Prices After Public Hearings Announcement

By on January 22, 2016

GasNozzleThe price of gasoline in Puerto Rico is expected to decrease in the coming days.  Gasoline wholesaler companies had to appear at the public hearing being held by the Senate Commission of Consumer Affairs, but requested 10 additional days to submit their presentations.

“We are giving them fi ve days to come and testify,” said Popular Democratic Party Sen. Luis Daniel Rivera Filomeno.

Rivera Filomeno said he wouldn’t hesitate to file legislation that forces both gas wholesalers and retailers to honor the price reduction to consumers. He said the purpose of the hearings is for consumers to see the price drops in gas with the same expediency as when the price of oil rises. He said the result of the investigation should result in that the savings from the drop in gas prices due to the continuing fall in oil prices won’t remain in the pockets of wholesalers or retailers, but goes directly to consumers’ pockets.

By Sin Comillas

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