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GM Security, Puerto Rico Technology Trust and Polytechnic University sign agreement

By on April 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – GM Security Technologies, a leading organization in secure cloud computing, big data and integrated security, has announced a strategic agreement with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust, and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

The partnership will help launch an innovation and incubation “cluster” for cybersecurity workforce education, training and career development to meet the needs of all vertical industries, both in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

The Puerto Rico Technology Trust is a nonprofit responsible for the commonwealth’s public policy regarding science and technology.

Directed by Luz A. “Lucy” Crespo, this organization provides the strategic development and guidance of specialized talent in cybersecurity.

“Our main objective in establishing this alliance is to continue our commitment to Puerto Rico, leveraging the organic engineering talent Puerto Rico is globally known for across our educational sector, a critical segment of our higher education programs. With our leading engineering curriculum, we have developed a key initiative to harvest opportunities for Puerto Ricans, by Puerto Ricans, servicing a Pan-Latin America audience, with that unique synergy that Puerto Rico offers [as a] U.S. jurisdiction and [its] Spanish-speaking population,” said Héctor Guillermo Martínez, executive vice president, Office of Strategy and Development at GM Security Technologies.

The mission of this agreement is to build on existing successful programs, and catalyze new innovations and experiments to help meet the growing demand for a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

The initiative will prepare young Puerto Ricans for the professional world and provide an opportunity to remain in Puerto Rico with a growing career in this sector, as well as to export these in-demand services to the rest of Latin America.

GM Security Technologies san-juan-office

GM Security Technologies’ San Juan headquarters

“This partnership is aligned with our vision of turning the island into an innovation center with global recognition that develops, attracts and retains scientists and technology companies in order to promote creativity. We invest and are committed to developing new skills required in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America, that could be provided from the island, with the additional advantage that the training can be adapted to the U.S. legal framework, but offered in Spanish,” remarked Crespo, CEO of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico also has a clear vision to strengthen this type of strategic alliance to benefit its students.

“The main goal of our office is to facilitate the integration of academic education for our students with the working world. We seek to offer solid professional training in order to prepare them for different career opportunities, while consolidating their degree. Moreover, the employment services office has a mission to help graduates and graduate students to get a professional experience related to their field of study,” said Angie M. Escalante, Office of Employment and Internships director at Polytechnic University.

As for academics, the idea behind the initiative is to serve as feedback from educational institutions to support them with the established curriculum, taking into consideration that cybersecurity, big data, machine learning and data science continue evolving, with these courses as an added value for their own industries.

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