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González Welcomes Pesquera’s Candidacy

By on December 23, 2015

SAN JUAN — House of Representatives Minority Leader Jenniffer González welcomed Carlos Pesquera to the race for the resident commissionership under the New Progressive Party (NPP), while announcing she has received the support from a wide majority of NPP mayors and municipal presidents on her bid to become the next resident commissioner.

“Carlos Pesquera has all the right to aspire to any position within the NPP, as he has done in the past,” said the legislative leader, adding she has the solid support of 25 out of 31 NPP mayors and 47 municipal presidents of that party.

González added that if indeed Pesquera aims for the Washington, D.C., post, it would be statehooders in a primary process, “who would validate the oversight, the commitment and the leadership of who has been side by side with the people and statehood at all moments.”

She highlighted that at this stage of her bid to become resident commissioner, two NPP vice presidents, Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz and Yauco Mayor Abel Nazario, have endorsed her, among other important figures inside the party.

While Pesquera would seek the Washington post for the NPP camp that supports Pedro Pierluisi as the party’s candidate for governor, González would be running for the camp led by Ricardo Rosselló, who is also vying for the governorship candidacy under the NPP.


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