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Government discusses health conditions with unions

By on May 27, 2020

SAN JUAN – Representatives of public sector worker unions met with Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and her cabinet on Wednesday to discuss the health conditions for public employees ahead of their return to work.

“One of the most important aspects is that the health and safety committees that are established by collective agreement will be activated; that collective agreement will be enforced, that health and safety committee will be activated before starting work. Those government agencies or instrumentalities that do not have a collective agreement will create their working group so that in each workplace they can return in an orderly and safe manner. Every agency head is being asked to meet directly with union leaders to achieve that purpose,” Chief of Staff Antonio Pabón Batlle explained at a press conference.

He said the union representatives had the opportunity to discuss their concerns and recommendations for the return to work directly with the governor.

“Any document that has arrived at the Office of the Chief of Staff related to the return to work and the protocol to return that does not appear to have been directly discussed with the safety and health group in the workplace…will be returned so that it be reviewed and worked together with them,” he added.

For his part, the union liaison at the La Fortaleza governor’s office, Carlos Rivera, mentioned that the purpose of establishing health and safety committees is to learn which are the needs of each agency and government instrumentality.

“No workplace is the same…. So there are needs that are unique. Those committees are made up of management or the employer, as union representatives,” he said.

One of the areas to be discussed with these groups will be that of carrying out molecular tests to detect COVID-19.

“The tool will be the protection that citizens and workers have,” he said.

For his part, union leader Roberto Pagán asked the press and unions to supervise the government so that the requests are complied with.

“Demand of them that in the return to the reincorporation of work, they have to have the workers and the exclusive representatives,” Pagán said.

The long meeting was held at the Pedro Rosselló Convention Center.

The following representatives met with the governor:

Alexis Merced Gutiérrez, Trabajadores Unidos de la AMA (TUAMA)
Ángel Torres Escribano, Secretario/Tesorero (TUAMA)
Alfredo González, Presidente de la IAMAW (trabajadores sector privado)
Ana Sosa, Office and Professional Employees International (OPEIU)
Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, Unión Trabajadora de la Industria Eléctrica y Riego (UTIER) No asistirá. Lo representará Ángel Pinto.
Luis Díaz Alejandro, Vicepresidente capítulo PROSOL UTIER
Antonio Cabán (FCTPR)
Irba Batista (FCTPR)
Ángel Rodríguez, Asociación Puertorriqueña de Profesores Universitarios
Benjamín Borges, Servidores Públicos Unidos
Benjamín Santiago, SPT
David Muñoz, Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Eduard Ufarri, Presidente Federación Puertorriqueña de Trabajadores (FPT)
Elba Aponte, Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico
Emilio Nieves, Presidente CPT
Federico Torres Montalvo, Unión Unitaria de Trabajadores del Estado CUTE
Caleb Morales, CUTE
Germán Vázquez, Unión de Trabajadores y Ramas Anexas (UTRA)
Gerson Guzmán, Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT)
Héctor Reyes, UITICE- AEE 
Iris Mirabal, Administradora Oficina Laboral del Senado
Jannell M. Santana Andino, Hermandad Empleados Exentos No Docentes de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.
John Vigueras, Trabajadores de la construcción (LIUNA)
José Poupal, Puerto Rico Operadores Turísticos, Guías y Excursionistas (PROTGE)
José Rodríguez Báez, Federación de Trabajadores
José Tirado, Sindicato de Bomberos de Puerto Rico
Juan Cortés, Federación Central de Trabajadores (FCT)
Julio Narváez, Hermandad de Empleados de la Autoridad de Puertos y Autoridad Marítima
Julio Vargas Cruz, Representante Sindical de la Unión de Oficiales de Seguridad de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Lizbeth Mercado, Unión de Empleados de la Corporación del Fondo del Seguro del Estado
Luis De Jesús, Unión Independiente Auténtica de AAA (UIA)
Luis Malavé, Unión de los empleados de los muelles
Luis A. Reyes, Unión Independiente de Empleados de la Autoridad de Edificios Públicos
Miguel Álvarez, presidente de la Unión de Carpinteros
Nelly Ayala, Presidenta de la Unión de Comedores Escolares- UAW
Oscar Ramos, Asesor Laboral del Presidente del Senado
Roberto Pagán, Sindicato Puertorriqueño de Trabajadores
Wilkins López, Representante Internacional UAW- Región 9ª
Yaphet Torres, Representante Internacional USW

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