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Government won’t hold Three Kings Celebration this Year

By on January 4, 2016

SAN JUAN – La Fortaleza Chief of Staff Grace Santana confirmed Monday that the government will not be hosting the traditional Three Kings Day celebration due to measures it has had to take given its lack of cash flow.

“The governor will be attending an event in Utuado. It is an event that has a minimal cost. There, we will meet with the table tennis team, supporting their achievements, but there will not be an event like in previous years. This is all part of the government’s measures to reduce its operational costs,” said Santana during a radio interview.  

Nevertheless, La Fortaleza did send an invitation via email for a visit to the Santa Catalina Palace on Jan. 5, and a concert by the Puerto Rico State Band, conducted by Ángel “Cuco” Peña.

This will be the first time in recent years that the traditional event, where the Three Kings give presents to children and other family activities are held, will not not be conducted by La Fortaleza or the commonwealth government.

On the other hand, Santana assured the government will continue operating and the tax reimbursement checks and payments to contractors will continue to be emitted thanks to the measures taken to minimize the effects of the lack of cash flow.

“After the executive order authorizing the clawback, the measures put in place allowed the making a payment due on January, from the general fund… The fact that we made the payment has allowed us to continue government operations, make tax reimbursement little by little, and has allowed us to keep paying our debt to suppliers, little by little,” Santana said.

She also said the government was able to pay its payroll thanks to those same measures. Santana assured the administration is trying not to reduce employees’ working hours or suspend government services.

By Juan A. Hernández

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